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Transparent Forwarder

To consume the Razor Network price feeds, your contract should reference ITransparentForwarder. This is an interface that defines the external functions implemented by Data Feeds.

Function to fetch price the of an asset:

getResult(bytes32 name): This function accepts the name as an argument. The name is a keccak-256 hash of the collection name. Check for a full list of active collection names.


  1. result(uint256) - Current price of the collection
  2. power(int8) - Power of the collection. Power is used to specify the decimal shifts required on the result.

Consider the following example:

If the result of the collection is 300050 and its power is 2, this essentially indicates that the price of the collection (asset) is $3000.50. This adds a higher level of precision.

The price of the collection can be calculated by the following formula: result * 10^-(power).

Code snippet to integrate Datafeed with ITransparentForwarder interface:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

interface ITransparentForwarder {
* @dev using the hash of collection name, clients can query the result of that collection
* @param _name bytes32 hash of the collection name
* @return result of the collection and its power
function getResult(bytes32 _name) external payable returns (uint256, int8);

contract DataFeed {
ITransparentForwarder public transparentForwarder;

constructor() {
transparentForwarder = ITransparentForwarder(
/* Transparent Forwarder contract address deployed on respective chains */

/// @notice fetch collection result by name
/// @param _name bytes32 hash of the collection name
/// @return result of the collection and its power
/// @return power
function getResult(bytes32 name) public payable returns (uint256, int8) {
(uint256 result, int8 power) = transparentForwarder.getResult{
value: msg.value
return (result, power);

Note: This example can be run on chains where the Transparent Forwarder contract is deployed. Details regarding deployed contracts and chains can be found here