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What is an oracle?

Blockchains do not have access to the data from outside the blockchain. Such data is necessary for operation of various decentralized applications. This problem is solved by an entity called an oracle.

What is Razor Network?

Razor Network is truly decentralized oracle platform offering a high degree of decentralization and economic security.

What is the consensus algorithm used by Razor Network?

Razor Network is a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm which achieves consensus on oracle values by Truth-by-consensus algorithm.

What kind of data is supported by Razor Network?

Razor Network can retrieve any data which is publicly accessible on the internet.

What is a RAZOR?

RAZOR is the native ERC20 utility token used in Razor Network for staking purposes. It has the abbreviation RAZOR and symbol ʂ.

Who can run a node?

Razor Network is permissionless and decentralized. Anyone can run a node in the network provided they have enough RAZORs.

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