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Set Config

There are a set of parameters that are configurable. These include:

  • Provider: The RPC URL of the provider you are using to connect to the blockchain.
  • Gas Multiplier: The value with which the gas price will be multiplied while sending every transaction.
  • Buffer Size: Buffer size determines, out of all blocks in a state, in how many blocks the voting or any other operation can be performed.
  • Wait Time: This is the number of seconds the system will wait while voting.
  • Gas Price: The value of gas price if you want to set manually. If you don't provide any value or simply keep it to 1, the razor client will automatically calculate the optimum gas price and send it.
  • Log Level: Normally debug logs are not logged into the log file. But if you want you can set logLevel to debug and fetch the debug logs.
  • Gas Limit: The value with which the gas limit will be multiplied while sending every transaction.
  • RPC Timeout: Number of seconds after which any contract and client calls will time out if it's not responding.

The config is set while the build is generated, but if you need to change any of the above parameter, you can use the setConfig command.

razor cli

$ ./razor setConfig --provider <rpc_provider> --gasmultiplier <multiplier_value> --buffer <buffer_percentage> --wait <wait_for_n_blocks> --gasprice <gas_price> --logLevel <debug_or_info> --gasLimit <gas_limit_multiplier> --rpcTimeout <rpc_timeout>


docker exec -it razor-go razor setConfig --provider <rpc_provider> --gasmultiplier <multiplier_value> --buffer <buffer_percentage> --wait <wait_for_n_blocks> --gasprice <gas_price> --logLevel <debug_or_info> --gasLimit <gas_limit_multiplier> --rpcTimeout <rpc_timeout>


$ ./razor setConfig --provider --gasmultiplier 1 --buffer 20 --wait 30 --gasprice 0 --logLevel debug --gasLimit 2 --rpcTimeout 10

Other than setting these parameters in the config, you can use different values of these parameters in different command. Just add the same flag to any command you want to use and the new config changes will appear for that command.


$ ./razor vote --address 0x5a0b54d5dc17e0aadc383d2db43b0a0d3e029c4c --gasprice 10

This will cause this particular vote command to run with a gas price of 10.