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To engage in Razor Network's Governance Snapshots, navigate to the official Razor Network governance portal at To be able to vote ensure ensure you hold one of the following:

  1. $RAZOR tokens on the Ethereum/Polygon Mainnet, or
  2. $sRZR tokens (which represents staked $RAZOR) on the Razor SKALE Chain.

Voting on the snapshot proposal


  1. For Stakers/Delegators: Add $sRAZOR to your wallet. Navigate to

    • If you're a Validator, access your profile page.
    • If you're a Delegator, navigate to a stakers page that you have delegated to.
    • Click on the + on the Add sRZR Token Header. Add the token to your wallet.


Note: This is an optional step, as long as you use the same wallet address that has staked or has $RAZOR tokens you may continue with voting.

  1. Visit to view the active proposals.


Note: Make sure to click on Connect Wallet and use the wallet address that has either $sRZR (Staked $RAZOR) or $RAZOR tokens.

  1. Select the proposal you intend to vote on. Familiarize yourself with its details, and navigate to the bottom of the page to find the voting segment. Choose your preferred voting option and click on “Vote”.


  1. A confirmation prompt will appear. Verify your choice, and if you wish, provide a rationale for your decision.


  1. Upon confirmation, you'll be prompted by your wallet to sign a message. After signing, your vote will be registered.


Remember, a wallet such as Metamask is necessary to interact with the platform. Always make informed decisions and participate actively in the governance of the Razor Network.